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Beginners Need to Know the History of the Roulette Game

Beginners Need to Know the History of the Roulette Game

Beginners Need to Know the History of the Roulette Game – One of the types of games found in online casino gambling is roulette, this game is included in a game that is quite popular.

The historical wheel of the game of roulette was originally conceived in 17th century France, by mathematician Blaise Pascal, who was spurred on by his interest in perpetual motion equipment. The game was played in its current form from 1796 in Paris.

We find the footprints of this game in François Lablé’s novel “La Roulette” where he visualizes this casino online game with 36 numbers divided into squares 0 and double 0 squares in 1801. Fascinating, recognizes that the game today Several European countries offer single 0 box!

The disappearance of the 2nd “double 0” box was due to François Blanc, director of the Hamburg casino, in 1843. In order to reduce the casino’s profits and attract loyal customers to the game, he chose to omit this box. However, the immediate removal of the double 0 means juxtaposing the two reds and redistribution of the entire number on the wheel. New wheels had to be planned.

Gradually, all European casinos were equipped with this new wheel: the game was born. There are two (slightly different) variations of this game: the so-called French game and the so-called English game. Played like a French game but with an American stack of bets.

The Birth of American Roulette

At the same time, American casinos bought these gaming wheels from European casinos who happily threw them away: thus the so-called “American” gaming wheel was born, while the wheels were directly imported from Europe.

Chances and Statistics To Win In This Game

The advantage of casino roulette is that it is easy to calculate, depending on the number of “0” squares there are. Two in American roulette, one in European roulette.

When the ball lands in the “0” (0) or “double 0” (00) box. The casino collects all bets from the table: the following squares make roulette a profitable game for the casino.

Two Number 0s In American Roulette

American roulette has two 0s, the casino advantage is greater than European roulette, 5.26% : (35-37) / 38 x 100 = 5.26%.

Summary:Love Roulette

Because it is clear if playing this game is more profitable for players. If you have a choice between playing European roulette online and American roulette online, choose European Roulette (English or French).