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Guide to Playing Golf Gambling The First Time


Guide to Playing Golf Gambling The First Time – One of these sports is included in the top class sports in Indonesia and even the world. The development of internet technology brings this top-class sports gambling. Maybe for those of you senior bettors who have long been in the world of online gambling, you are familiar with online golf gambling. Now for those of you who want to start playing online golf gambling betting, the admin has made an article Introduction and Guide to How to Play Online Golf Gambling which is reviewed briefly and clearly.

Introduction to Online Golf Gambling

Few are fans of online golf gambling compared to online soccer gambling or other sports betting. However, online golf gambling fans cannot deny that there are many in Indonesia. Now for those of you who are just starting to bet on online golf gambling, there are several conditions and types of bets that you need to know. What are they ? Stay tuned for this admin article.

Conditions for Playing Online Golf Gambling

There are several conditions and types of bets contained in online golf gambling. Below will be explained briefly and in detail regarding the terms and rules of online golf gambling.

Non Live Betting

18 Hole Betting Head to Head

  • In this bet type the player with the lowest score from 18 holes wins. Play-offs do not count for 18 hole head to head betting.
  • If a player is disqualified after teeing off during the round then all bets are void unless you play in the next starting round. Where the bet will be settled according to the original score.

Types of Bets in Online Golf Gambling

In the following, the admin will describe the types of bets in online golf gambling. Which is actually not difficult to understand because some types of bets are the same as bets on other sports betting.

Odd / Even

In this bet we only guess the total of all points whether it is odd or even.


Now in this bet it is very easy to play, that is, we only guess which player will win in a league or in a competition or tournament.

O / U (Over Under)

Just like online soccer gambling or other sports gambling. In this bet we guess whether the total result is more or less than the points determined by the online golf bookie. If we choose Over, it means that we are betting on the total points for the match more than the determined points. Meanwhile, Under we bet on the total points less than the specified points.

Top 5 Finish

In this bet type we determine the 5 best finisher. If there is more than one player tied in the same position, Dead Heat rules apply for settling the bet.

Top 10 Finish

Just like the Top 5 Finish where the difference is this type of bet we determine the 10 best finisher.

Running Bet

  • 18 Holes Betting Head to Head
  • 54/72 Holes Match
  • Over / Under

Scoring System

Type B scoring applies (applies to type B scores).